Group Permission Order Form


Group Permission Order Form
Attn: Parents/Guardians - We are going to a Whitecaps game as a school!
Game Date:
Game Time:
Ticket Type:
*Please  fill  out  the  form  below  and  return  to  your  student’s  teacher  along  with  the  Official  Calendar
and payment for additional tickets (if applicable), no later than:__________________________
We  are  celebrating  “March  is  Reading  Month”  at  our  school  and  when  your  student  reads  just  15  minutes/day  they  can  earn  TWO  
free tickets to a Whitecaps game!
Once all the spaces on your student's calendar have been initialed, this means they have successfully completed the Whitecaps
Reading Club. Please send these calendars back to the teacher when complete.
Parents: If you plan on attending the game with your student, you must order your tickets at this time on the form below.
If  your  student  will  not  be  attending  with  their  school  as  a  group,  please  keep  your  student’s  Official Calendar with
Individual Ticket Order Form on the right. You will also need a 2015 Reading Club Ticket Voucher which  your  child’s  teacher  will  
receive in mid-March and send home upon completion of the program. In order to redeem your two free tickets, these two items
need to be presented together at the box office or by mail.
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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Please  return  the  bottom  portion  of  this  form  to  your  child’s  school    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - -
Group Permission Order Form (Reserved) - 2015 Reading Club
Student Name: ______________________________________________________________
My child will be
I will also attend the
Child will not attend with school. We will use the two
attending with school
game  with  my  child’s  school
tickets and attend a game between April 9 – June 8
Parent Signature:___________________________________________________
Payable by cash or make checks payable to West Michigan Whitecaps
#of Free Tickets:
x $0.00 =
*Parents: Your child has earned two tickets—if you are
#of Reserved Seats:
x $10.50 =
attending you can use the other free ticket.
#of  Kids’  Meals:
x $6.00 =
*Children ages 2 and under do not require a ticket to the game.
(Kids’  meal  includes  hot  dog,  chips,  cookie  and  soft  drink)
(Valid for children 12 and under)
*The West Michigan Whitecaps reserve the right to substitute seat/ticket type
Total Due
based on availability. All orders subject to availability. No refunds/exchanges.


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