How To Wear And Care For Your Splint Spanish


How to Wear and Care for Your
This splint was custom made for you to protect your joint and bones
while you heal. Follow the directions below to learn how to wear and
care for your splint.
When to wear your splint (follow the direction that is
Always wear your splint. Removing the splint may cause damage to
your injured area. As you heal, your doctor may give you different
Wear your splint except to exercise and bathe.
Wear your splint at night and during rest periods only.
Wear your splint during the daytime only.
• Keep the splint away from open flames because it will burn.
• Keep the splint away from heat, water heaters, or prolonged sunlight
such as in a hot closed car. Excessive heat will cause the splint to
change shape.
• Put your hand and forearm up on pillows or a wedge while in bed or
when sitting.
• If your splint causes any of these problems, remove it and call your
therapist right away:
Pressure area such as sores or red marks that do not go away
within one hour after removing the splint
Increased swelling


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