The Necklace Short Story Analysis Sheet


“The Necklace” Short Story Analysis Sheet
Title: “The Necklace”
Author: Guy de Mauppassant
Point of View: Third Person
Time: 18
century, over ten years time.
Place: France
Mood: Depressing
Conflict: Man vs. Self – a woman’s struggle with wanting what she can’t have, and
what she goes through after she tries to be something she’s not.
Theme: Don’t be greedy, jealousy/greed can lead to your downfall, Things aren’t
always as they seem, be happy with what you’ve got, character is shown through actions
and not fancy apparel.
1. Name: Madame Mathilde Loisel
Personality description: Charming, selfish, jealous
Physical description: Pretty
2. Name: Monsieur Loisel
Personality description: unselfish, wimpy/pushed around, generous,
hardworking, loves his wife, likes to hunt
Physical description:
3. Name: Madame Jeanne Forrestier
Personality description: Mathilde’s friend, kind, generous, trusting, wealthy
Physical description:
4. Name:
Personality description:
Physical description:
5. Name:
Personality description:Physical description:


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