General Resume Cover Letter Sample


Cover Letter Sample 1
123 My Street
My Town, IL 61920
Today’s Date
Mr. John Smith
Company Name
Street Address
Town, State, Zipcode
Dear Mr. Smith:
I am applying for the (name of position) that I learned about (say what resource like newspaper, internet
or person referred you to the job). This position relates well to my career interest and education in
Applied Engineering & Construction Management, and thus I would appreciate your consideration of my
My strengths include strong learning skills, skills with drafting, strength testing and computer software.
For example, I turned my skills with computers into a book that has been published about working with
vintage Apple II computers. Although computer skills are typically focused on logic, I also possess
creativity as I have developed a social media website that includes an attached database.
In this paragraph, focus on 1-2 skills that shine in the workplace. Try to tie in these examples with the
job vacancy.
I would enjoy meeting with you to further explore my contributions to (say the name of the company).
Please feel free to contact me via email or phone to arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss our
common interests.
Frank Daniels


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