California Form 3519 (Pit) - Payment For Automatic Extension For Individuals - 2016


2016 Instructions for Form FTB 3519
Payment for Automatic Extension for Individuals
General Information
Credit Card: Use your major credit card. Call 800.272.9829 or go
to , use code 1555. Official Payments Corp.
Mandatory Electronic Payments
charges a convenience fee for using this service. Do not mail form
You are required to remit all your payments electronically once you make
FTB 3519 to the FTB.
an estimate or extension payment exceeding $20,000 or you file an
Check or Money Order: Using black or blue ink, complete your check
original tax return with a total tax liability over $80,000. Once you meet
or money order and the payment form below and mail both to the
this threshold, all subsequent payments regardless of amount, tax type,
“Franchise Tax Board.” Make all checks or money orders payable in
or taxable year must be remitted electronically. The first payment that
U.S. dollars and drawn against a U.S. financial institution.
would trigger the mandatory e-pay requirement does not have to be made
electronically. Individuals who do not send the payment electronically will
Penalties and Interest
be subject to a 1% noncompliance penalty. For more information or to
If you fail to pay your total tax liability by April 18, 2017, you will incur
obtain the waiver form, go to and search for mandatory epay.
a late payment penalty plus interest. We may waive the late payment
Electronic payments can be made using Web Pay on the Franchise Tax
penalty based on reasonable cause. Reasonable cause is presumed when
Board’s (FTB’s) website, electronic funds withdrawal (EFW) as part of the
90% of the tax is paid by the original due date of the tax return. However,
e-file tax return, or your credit card.
the imposition of interest is mandatory. If, after April 18, 2017, you find
Use form FTB 3519, Payment for Automatic Extension for Individuals,
that your estimate of tax due was too low, pay the additional tax as soon
only if both of the following apply:
as possible to avoid or minimize further accumulation of penalties and
You cannot file your 2016 tax return by April 18, 2017. Due to the
interest. Pay your additional tax with another form FTB 3519. If you do
Emancipation Day holiday on April 17, 2017, tax returns filed and
not file your tax return by October 16, 2017, you will incur a late filing
payments mailed or submitted on April 18, 2017, will be considered
penalty plus interest from the original due date of the tax return. For
Fiscal Year Filers, your tax return is due the 15th day of the 10th month
Note: Fiscal Year Filers, your tax return is due the 15th day of the 4th
following the close of your fiscal year.
month following the close of your fiscal year.
Taxpayers Residing or Traveling Outside the USA
• You owe tax for 2016.
If you are residing or traveling outside the USA on April 18, 2017, the
When you file your 2016 tax return, you can e-file or CalFile. Go to
deadline to file your tax return and pay the tax is June 15, 2017. Interest and search for e-file options. If you use form FTB 3519, you
will accrue from the original due date until the date of payment. If you
may not file Form 540 2EZ or Short Form 540NR.
need additional time to file, you will be allowed a six-month extension
Use the worksheet on the next page to determine if you owe tax. If you
without filing a request. To qualify for the extension, file your tax return
do not owe tax, do not complete or mail form FTB 3519. However, file
by December 15, 2017. To avoid any late-payment penalties, pay your
your tax return by October 16, 2017. If you owe tax, choose one of the
tax liability by June 15, 2017. When filing your tax return, write “Outside
following payment options:
the USA on April 18, 2017” at the top of your tax return in RED INK, or
Web Pay: Individuals can make payments online using Web Pay for
include it according to your software’s instructions.
Individuals. Taxpayers can make an immediate payment or schedule
payments up to a year in advance. Go to for more
information. Do not mail form FTB 3519 to the FTB.
Save the stamp – pay online with Web Pay!
(Calendar year filers – File and Pay by April 18, 2017) (Fiscal year filers – see instructions)
CAUTION: You may be required to pay electronically. See instructions.
Payment for Automatic Extension for Individuals
3519 (PIT)
For calendar year 2016 or fiscal year beginning (mm/dd/yyyy) _______________, and ending (mm/dd/yyyy) _______________.
Your first name
Initial Last name
Your SSN or ITIN
If joint payment, spouse’s/RDP’s first name
Initial Last name
Spouse’s/RDP’s SSN or ITIN
Address (number and street, PO box, or PMB no.)
Apt. no./ste. no.
ZIP code
Amount of payment
If amount of payment is
PO BOX 942867
zero, do not mail this form
SACRAMENTO CA 94267-0008
FTB 3519 2016
For Privacy Notice, get FTB 1131 ENG/SP.


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