B2 Report Student'S


B2 Report
Put these useful expressions under the correct heading
Description & findings
a. I strongly recommend
b. The best solution / ideas would seem to be
c. According to
d. Another option would be to
e. In conclusion, I would (strongly) recommend
f. This report is intended to g. There would seem to be
h. I would (therefore) suggest that
i. It is felt that
j. Students/people have expressed that
k. My first recommendation would be to
l. The purpose of this report is to
m. (Unfortunately,) many students/people complain about
n. I suggest that
o. The aim of this report is to
p. The only problem is that
q. The majority of students/people said that
r. I would recommend that
s. It would appear that
t. To sum up, it would be (highly) advisable to
Complete this report with the useful expressions below
Public Transport in Vitoria
1.___ the means of transport in Vitoria and 2.____
Bus and Tram Service
Travelling around Vitoria is relatively easy as there are many, well-connected bus routes. However, 3.___
the buses are never on time and they are always overcrowded. The tram, on the other hand, is a fast and
reliable way to travel, and it is usually punctual. 4.___ the price of the tickets saying that they are too
Suggested Improvements
5.___ bus lanes be introduced, allowing buses to circulate without any problems and reducing delays.
6.___ to buy new buses, so that more buses and therefore, seats are available. Regarding the trams, 7.___
reducing the fares and offering discounts to students, the unemployed and OAPS.
8.___ is to invest more money in the bus service to make it more efficient and comfortable and 9.___ lower
the price of the tram tickets so that using it would be cheaper.
a. I would also
b. another option would be
c. to sum up, my recommendation
d. to put forward suggestions on how to improve it
e. I would recommend that
f. unfortunately, many passengers have protested about
g. I suggest
h. the majority of people complain that
i. the aim of this report is to look at
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