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Operator Certificate of Compliance
Read the information on the back before completing this certificate. Person selling at event: Complete this certificate and give it
to the operator/organizer of the event. Operator/organizer of event: Keep this certificate for your records.
Do not send this form to the Department of Revenue.
Name of business selling or exhibiting at event
Minnesota tax ID number
Seller’s complete address
Zip code
Name of person or group organizing event
Name and location of event
Date(s) of event
Describe the type of merchandise you plan to sell.
Complete this section if you are not required to have a Minnesota tax ID number.
I am selling only nontaxable items.
I am not making any sales at the event.
I participate in a direct selling plan, selling for
(name of company), and the home
office or top distributor has a Minnesota tax ID number and remits the sales tax on my behalf.
This is a nonprofit organization that meets the exemption requirements described below:
Candy sold for fundraising purposes by a nonprofit organization that provides educational and social activities for
young people primarily aged 18 and under (MS 297A.70, subd. 13[a][4]).
Youth or senior citizen group with fundraising receipts up to $20,000 per year ($10,000 or less
before January 1, 2015)(MS 297A.70, subd. 13[b][1]).
A nonprofit organization that meets all the criteria set forth in MS 297A.70, subd. 14.
I declare that the information on this certificate is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and that I am
authorized to sign this form.
Signature of seller
Print name here
Daytime phone
PENALTY — Operators who do not have Form ST19 or a similar written document from sellers can be fined a penalty
of $100 for each seller that is not in compliance for each day of the selling event.
(Rev. 4/15)


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