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Close the cover letter by letting the employer
Spell check your letter and have several
know that you will be in contacting them in the
other people proof-read it for form and content.
Don’t say, “I hope to hear from you
It must be perfect and error free.
soon.” There’s no guarantee that you will.
Your name
Your street address
Your City, STATE, ZipCode
(Area) Phone Number
Email Address
Mr. John Employer
Organization Name
Street Address
City, State, Zip Code
Dear Mr. Employer:
Opening Paragraph. Tell why you are writing, the name of the position or the kind of work for which you
are applying and how you heard of the company (or the position opening, if appropriate). If someone in
the company has recommended you or told you about the position, mention their name here.
Main Body. Refer to things you know about the position and the employer. Identify the exact needs they
have and what they are looking for in the ideal candidate. State the skills you have that would meet their
needs. Briefly give specific examples from your experience and/or education that support your value to
them. Do not refer the reader to your resume; they’ll see it when they turn the page. Instead, highlight
here the best of what you have to offer them.
Closing Paragraph. State the action that you will next take to initiate a face to face contact.
Your name typed
Enclosure [This means that your resume is enclosed, not ‘attached.’]
[See examples of a few cover letters on the next pages.]


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