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Thomas Collegian
123 Acorn Street
Simi Valley, CA 91456
Wanda Winsome
(805) 987-6543
942 Hillside Drive
Rancho Viejo, CA 95429
(714) 234-5678
May 12, 2004
May 14, 2003
Ms. Jane Jones
Ms. Alora Whetherington
Operations Manager
Director of Human Resources
First Mutual Bank of the Valley
Sparkle Publishing Company
12578 Magnolia Boulevard
459 Wilshire Boulevard
Van Nuys, CA 91609
Los Angeles, CA 90068
Dear Ms. Jones:
Dear Ms. Whetherington:
Having completed my undergraduate work at The Master's College with a major in
As a recent graduate of The Master's College with a major in English, I am seeking
Business Management, I am seeking employment at a local firm where I can apply my
employment with a publishing company with a bright, challenging future. I learned of your
skills and knowledge. I have read with great interest your announcement on JobTrak for a
corporation through Dr. Charles Boone, who suggested I inquire through your office.
Financial Analyst. I would very much appreciate consideration for the position.
In addition to my formal training in English, I have two years experience as copy editor and
In addition to my training in management, I undertook a minor emphasis in computer
feature writer on my college newspaper. I have sought summer employment with
sciences. I have a keen interest in economics and statistical research, and completed a
companies that have added to my graphic arts and design experience. I am familiar with
major research project as part of my course material. My recent part time work as a
Microsoft Office as well as other desktop publishing software.
financial assistant has prepared me for a career in the banking industry.
I am excited about the possibility of putting my skills and knowledge to use in a firm such as
I am aware that First Mutual Bank anticipates significant growth in the southern California
yours. Sparkle Publishing has an excellent reputation among those in the English
area in coming years. I am interested in working in this area, although I am willing to
Department at The Master's College.
relocate for a challenging position.
I will contact your office soon to discuss the possibility of an interview, or I may be reached
I will contact your office during the week of May 21 to arrange an interview. I can be
at the number shown on my resume.
reached at the number above anytime.
Wanda Winsome
Thomas Collegian


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