Behavioural Activation Worksheet


When we are depressed it is common for us to stop doing things we used to do, because
it just takes too much effort and seems too hard.
This can make us feel even worse.
Write down some of the activities you used to do, but have been avoiding recently.
List some routine activities
e.g. vacuum, shower, clean the kitchen, shopping
List some pleasurable activities
e.g. meeting up with friends or family, walk in the park
List some necessary activities
e.g. sort out the post, pay the bills, fix things that need fixing
Then place the activities in your lists into order of difficulty. Include some from each
type of activity in each difficulty box.
The most difficult
Medium difficulty
The easiest
Use the weekly planner worksheet to plan to do some of the activities you have been
avoiding. Ensure you include a mixture of routine, pleasurable and necessary activities
every day.


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