Christian Funeral Advance Planning Form Emmaus Lutheran Church, Wauseon, Oh


An advance planning form for a Christian Funeral, or memorial service is available to you. The
focus of this form is to help one address a very important matter with an expression of faith in Christ.
This form is also to assist those who are handling your personal affairs and deals only with pastoral
Selecting hymns and Scriptures for a funeral service. During an Adult Bible Class study of
spirituality, interest was expressed for some helps or guidelines regarding hymn requests and Scripture
selections. Here are some key principals based upon good Christian practice.
1. Seek Christ-centered songs and hymns which are focused on the Lord’s actions.
2. Recommend Scriptures and hymns which will give a Gospel witness to your family and
friends, helping them to perhaps see Jesus as you see Him.
3. Request hymns and Scriptures that have been your favorites to sustain you in your
journey of faith and speak to your hope in the Lord.
4. Ask, Which hymns and Scriptures will help my family and friends as they grieve?
In addition to standbys like, “Amazing Grace”, “How Great Thou Art”, and “Rock of Ages, Cleft for
Me”, consider hymns and songs listed in a Lutheran hymnal under sections such as: Easter, Cross and
Commitment, Redeemer, Justification, and Love and Obedience. While it may first seem to be a daunting
task, consider working through a Lutheran hymnal to identify some strong candidates among your
The pastor suggests and selects hymns or Scriptures when they are not offered by the advance
planner, or later, by the family. For your current pastor, such hymn selections are based upon additional
criteria such as Church Season, sing-ability, strong suggestion of hope or comfort in Christ, evangelical
emphasis, and the sermon theme.
As Pastor, I welcome opportunity to chat with you about any plans or questions you may have in
this area.
*Different planning forms are advisable for wills, estate planning and/or funeral arrangements with a
funeral home. Please check with a professional skilled in these matters. For estate planning, please
consider the Ohio District LCMS Gifts Planner, Eileen Fitzenrieter. Her office is in Napoleon and she
may be contacted by phone at (419) 599-0213 or e-mail “”.


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