Shoulder Pain Chart (With Exercises)


Simple exercises
Pendulum exercise
Door press
Stand with your good hand
a) Stand in a doorway with
resting on a chair. Let
your elbow bent at a right
your other arm hang down
angle and the back of
and try to swing it gently
your wrist against the door
backwards and forwards
frame. Try to push your
and in a circular motion.
arm outwards against the
Shoulder pain
Repeat about 5 times.
door frame. Hold for 5
Try this 2–3 times a day.
seconds. Do 3 sets of 10
repetitions on each side.
This leaflet provides general information
about shoulder pain and simple exercises
Shoulder stretch
b) Use your other arm and,
that may help.
still with your elbow
Stand and raise your
at a right angle, push
shoulders. Hold for 5
your palm towards the
seconds. Squeeze your
door frame. Hold for 5
shoulder blades back and
seconds. Do 3 sets of 10
together and hold for 5
repetitions on each side.
seconds. Pull your shoulder
blades downward and hold
for 5 seconds. Relax and
repeat 10 times.
Most cases of shoulder pain aren’t
Door lean
caused by anything serious and
Stand in a doorway with
will ease within 2 weeks.
both arms on the wall
You can take painkillers to ease pain.
slightly above your head.
Taking them before exercise can
Slowly lean forward until
help you stay active without causing
you feel a stretch in the
extra pain.
front of your shoulders.
Hold for 15–30 seconds.
Using an ice pack, learning how to
Repeat 3 times. This
protect your joints and being aware
exercise isn’t suitable
of your posture will help cases
if you have a shoulder
of shoulder pain.
Try the exercises suggested here
to help ease pain and prevent
future symptoms.


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