Application To Rent An Apartment


Please check off the following when completing your application package. Once you have
checked all the appropriate boxes and collected all supporting documentation, you are ready to
drop off or send in your application.
To Apply You Will Need:
A separate application for each adult (18+) planning to occupy the suite.
Completed Reference/Credit inquiry Consent Form.
Payment of a security deposit (1/2 of one month’s rent) must accompany the
If you are currently working and have been continuously employed for at least six months you
will need:
Confirmation of employment letter on company letterhead from your place of work
stating your gross income and length of employment .
If you are a student will need:
Proof of enrolment (this can be printed off from online registration systems at most
schools or can be requested from the registrar’s or admissions office. Proof of
enrolment MUST include your name and the name of your school or university.
Verification of your income such as bank statement, notice of assessment from CRA,
letter of employment if you are working while attending school, student loan papers
and proof of any other income you receive.
Guarantor application, and
Letter of employment or proof of income for Guarantor*
INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS will be required to also provide photo copies of their valid passport
and valid visa.
If you do not have rental history you will need:
Guarantor application, and
Letter of employment or proof of income for Guarantor*
If you are on social assistance, please contact our office at (204) 956-2739 for details on what is
required in order for us to accept and process your application.
Please note that we may request or require additional information in order to process your
application depending on individual circumstances.
If you or your Guarantor cannot provide an employment letter, we will require the most recent notice of
assessment from Canada Revenue Agency.
*Guarantors are required to have been employed for at least 4 years and earn at least $35,000/year. If a
Guarantor is retired or self-employed, a copy of their most recent notice of assessment from CRA is required.


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