Bat Cut Out Template


A Little Bit Batty
These instructions and patterns will help you create a small bat for a necklace, medium-size bats
for a garland and multi-size bats for wall decorations.
Crafter level: Easy
What you'll need
Printout of bat template
Black card stock
Small hole punch
Necklace or string
How to make it
1. For the necklace, staple the bat necklace template to a piece of black card stock. Make sure
you staple the paper to the card stock outside of the bat’s cutting lines. (This will keep the
paper from moving around while you cut out the bat.)
2. Cut around the outside solid lines of the bat through the paper and card stock.
3. Leaving the paper on top of the card stock bat, use the fold lines indicated on the paper to
score and fold the bat’s wings and body.
4. Punch small holes into the card stock where indicated on the paper template. Then string him
onto yarn or string.
5. For a garland, follow the same steps but print out lots of the medium-size bat templates. Then
hang them on black yarn or string.
6. For wall decorations, print out lots of the multi-size bats with the wall decoration templates.
Enlarge the printouts to fit 11-by-17 paper if you want even more sizes (optional). Cut out and
fold the bats, but omit the hole-punching step. Then tape them up.
Bat necklace template


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