The Effects Of Exercise On Cellular Respiration Biology Lab Report Template Page 2


Name _________________________ Date _______________ Block __________
The effect of exercise on the rate of cellular respiration
Time-length of activity
Time for color change (sec)
0 min exercise
1 min exercise
1. Make a graph of your results. Determine if the graph should be a line graph or a bar graph. Carefully
decide which variables belong on the X axis and Y axis. Remember to provide a title and to label
the X and Y axis.
2. Compare the time it took the bromothymol blue solution to change color before exercise and after
exercise. Explain why there was a difference.
3. Using your graph, predict the time of color change if the experimenter did exercise for 2 minutes.
4. In this investigation, we measured the amount of carbon dioxide produced to find the rate of cellular
respiration. What else could we measure to find out the rate of cellular respiration?
5. Explain why it is so important to exhale completely when doing exercise.


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