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Expense Reimbursement Form
You MUST provide receipts for all expenses (original or copies). Reimbursements are issued weekly, but
please allow 2 weeks for processing. Checks will be mailed to the address provided below unless otherwise
noted. All reimbursement forms will be approved online by the related Ministry Leader and the Treasurer before
payment. Once you have completed this form, please submit this form and supporting receipts to Pam Erthal in
the church office. Forms and supporting receipts can also be emailed to Pam at .
Please account for the expenses in your ministry budget.
Date: ______________________
Name of Person Requesting Reimbursement: ___________________________________________
Mailing Address to send the check to:
Ministry Leader Approval:
Treasurer Approval:
Sub Category
Expense Description
Amount $
Total Reimbursement Amount
If you have any questions about the Ministry Category or Sub Category to use, please ask Pam Erthal. Submit this
Reimbursement Form with copies of receipts to
for approval and payment.


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