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Meeting Notes
Version 2.0 • February 27, 2015
Template Description
The Project Meeting Notes Template is used to document and communicate notes for all project
How to Use
The Meeting Notes Template is meant to be utilized at all project meetings to document the
meeting agenda, action items, decisions made in the meeting, who attended the meeting and
scheduling the next meeting.
Best Practice
If notes are extensive, create a high-level summary section that is more brief. Project notes should
be distributed in a timely fashion (one business day) to all project core team members, the Business
Owner, Project Sponsor, and other project participants.
Phase Location
The PM Lite 2.0 Meeting Notes Template is used throughout the Monitor & Control Phase. The
Monitoring & Controlling Phase of the project is an overarching phase that commences in the
Initiation Phase and extends through Project Closure. Templates included in the Monitoring &
Controlling phase include reporting, tracking, and communication tools to ensure successful
project delivery.
Note: The PM Lite 2.0 Meeting Notes Template is customizable as you see fit, on a per project basis,
meeting specific needs of the project and/or your organization’s policies. The below sections are
suggestions but can be tailored as applicable.
**NOTE: Please remove this page when creating your Meeting Notes**


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