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Colmark & Associates, LLC
2015 Flight Expenses Worksheet
In order to meet the "adequate records" requirement of IRC section 274(d), all flight crew
members are required to maintain a daily log or calendar to serve as documentary evidence of
their overnight travel expenses, if amount exceeds $75 you will also need to keep a receipt.
This calendar and the attached worksheet are designed to meet the requirements set forth by
the IRS. It is imperative that you fill out accurately and complete all worksheets. We cannot
claim a deduction for you if we do not know about the expense. Write down all expenses you
incurred as a flight crewmember and we will determine if the expense is deductible based on
IRS guidelines. You may fill out the online version of this worksheet found in the secured client
portal on our website
Start by logging in using your username and
password. If not registered, select the Resources tab and click on the link Client Portal. At the
bottom of the page is a register here link, click on that and fill out the information. It may take
up to 24 hours to grant you access. Within the portal you can select the online 2015 tax
organizers and
2015 Itemized Deductions / Calendar / Unreimbursed Business Expenses. We will also
have a 2016 version available so you may input your data for next year. Use the date associated with
the current filing tax year which is 2015.
Indicate on the calendar where your overnights occurred. It does not matter whether you fly
AM's or PM's, the last day of your trip will always be where you are based. The only exception
to this rule is if you pick up a trip out of base.
Example: A crew member based in MDW on a four day pairing with overnights in
Denver, Las Vegas, Kansas City should be entered on the calendar DEN; LAS; MCI;
MDW next to the corresponding dates of your layover.
If you fly a one day trip (turn or a local), mark the city you returned to on your calendar.
Example: A crew member flew from MDW to LAS to MCI to MDW; MDW should be
marked next to the corresponding date of the one day trip.
Do not forget to indicate when you had company required training events such as PC's, PT's,
EPT and Recurrent Training. The same holds true for any union, FFDO training and company
business overnight travel (non-reimbursed as long as it was outside your base).
Do not mark the days you were on reserve or vacation since the IRS will not let us count this
towards unreimbursed per diem. New Hires: Mark on your calendar the city your training took
place for the entire time that you were in training.
210 East Third Street
Ph: (815) 626-8600
Sterling, IL. 61081
Mobile: (815) 799-4404
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