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Application for work/industrial placement/internship/traineeship in (name of subject) at
(name of company/institution) from (date) to (date)
Application for postdoctoral fellowship in (name of subject) at (name of institution)
commencing from (date)
Request for a grant in the amount of ……………………….. for (purpose)
Skip a line between the subject line and the body of the letter.
Body of the letter
The body of the letter is where you present yourself, explain to the recipient why he/she
should consider your request. It usually consists of three to four paragraphs .To make the
text easier to read, skip a line between the paragraphs and also before the complimentary
Always start the first word of the body with a capital letter.
Dear Mr Howe,
With reference to the advertisement published in ….
Complimentary close
The complimentary close is typed one line below the body of the letter. If you used the
recipient’s name, end with Yours sincerely/Sincerely yours. If you did not use the recipient’s
name, end with Yours faithfully/Faithfully yours. Put a comma after the end of the closing.
Skip 3-4 lines between the closing and your typed name so that there is room for your
Sign your name in the Czech version, i.e. with diacritic marks (Řehoř Sedláček).
Your Typed Name
Type your name without diacritic marks. If desired, you can put your title/position on the
line below your typed name.
Skip a line between the typed name and the enclosure.
Do not put a colon (:) after these words.
Enclosure/Encl CV
If there are several documents enclosed, you can type their number in brackets; it is not
necessary to list them.
Enclosures (3)
If you are submitting your cover letter by e-mail, use the word Attachment instead of


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