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organized by the Faculty. At present I teach an undergraduate course on ……. and
participate in one of the Faculty´s research projects entitled “…….”.
As the research profile of the Department of ……. at the University of ……. is very close to my
specialization, I believe that during my stay there I would be able to gain a new insight into
my field of study. If possible, I would like to participate in the research project carried out in
the ……. Laboratory as I am convinced that I would benefit greatly from such experience. I
have always been interested in furthering my education, learning new things and gaining
new experience. I believe that during my study stay at the University of ……. I would be able
to acquire new knowledge and skills which would be useful not only for my doctoral thesis
but also for my future research and career.
I look forward to experiencing the way PhD study is organized and research projects are
managed in (name of the country). Last but not least, I wish to learn more about (name of
the country) and its history and culture. Enclosed with my letter you will find my CV. I look
forward to hearing from you.
Letter requesting information
My name is ……. and I am a PhD student at ……. . My fields of interest are gas and humidity
sensors, especially electrochemical sensors.
On your website I found a wide range of such sensors. Could you let me know if it is possible
to obtain a user guide for the Evaluation kit for Electrochemical and Pellistor gas sensors? It
is possible to download user guides for all the other types of kits, yet not for the one I am
interested in.
A course on sensors and their application is taught at our University. I would therefore be
grateful if I could get more information about your sensors, some free samples of the sensor
elements (if possible), and the price list. These materials would be used strictly for
educational purposes.
Thank you for your kind consideration of my request.
VI. Personal statement
(in Czech: motivační dopis)
A personal statement has the form of an essay. It is usually submitted on request (by the
relevant institution/decision-making body) and is one of the documents required when
applying for admission to a degree programme, for an academic post/a scholarship/a
fellowship. The other documents usually include the completed application form (provided
by the relevant institution), CV, transcripts, references. The personal statement adds
information that is not included in the application form and CV; its style is more personal. It
should present an all-round picture of the applicant, including their academic/professional
achievements and plans for the future as well as their voluntary work and free-time
activities. It is 1-2 pages long.
My name is ……. and I am currently studying for a PhD degree in ……. at the Department of
……., Faculty of ……., the University of ……. . I hold a Bachelor´s degree in ……. and I also have


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