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a Master´s degree in the same field. I have always been interested in science, especially in
mathematics and computer science. Enrolling for a PhD degree course and continuing with
the research I started while studying for the Master´s degree was a natural next step for me.
The topic of my doctoral thesis is ……. . As this is my first year as a PhD student, the date of
the final state examination has not been set yet. However, I would like to complete my
studies in less than three years and sit for the examination no later than ……. .
My research is quite similar to the research carried out at your Department of …….. . It is
focused on optimization of models based on random fields while the research performed by
your Department utilizes such models for pattern recognition of ……. . I have developed and
optimized several models and tested them. I am now preparing a paper presenting the
results of this research and expect it to be published this year. I am also concerned with …….
and interested especially in the syntactic approach. I am trying to find a way to combine this
approach with the classical statistical approach, i.e. the random fields. I believe it would be
interesting to study this issue at your Department because it may increase the performance
of pattern recognition systems.
I have an independent, scientific and technical way of thinking. I am skilled in several
programming languages, e.g. ……. . I am also an advanced user of both Linux-based and
Windows operating systems and web-based techniques such as ……. . I often employ many
different software solutions to present the results of my research and am familiar with a
number of other computer technologies which could be useful for research in the field. I
have no problem with searching for new information and understanding scientific papers.
I am actively involved in organizing and promoting science in the community through the
University’s annual ‘Science and technology in the Streets’ event which popularizes science
through practical demonstrations and hands-on experience. I am a long-serving member of
the Scouting movement in the Czech Republic and a member of an Irish music band.
I am a fluent speaker of English, but my English is not as perfect as I would wish it to be. This
is another very important reason for my interest in studying abroad, namely in an English-
speaking country. I also speak French, but only at beginners´ level as I started to learn it only
recently. I am also trying to learn Spanish, but I do not have enough time for regular classes.
I hope there will be an opportunity to attend a course in Spanish if I have a chance to join
your Department.
VII. Grant application/Grant proposal cover letter
First paragraph
Introduce your proposal/project and state the amount you are requesting.
Second paragraph/Second and third paragraphs
Say what your department/team/institution does, explain why you consider your
project/proposal to be good and how it matches the objectives and guidelines of the funding
Third/Fourth paragraph
Elaborate on your institution´s support for the proposal/project, indicate the funding coming
from other sources and give the name and position of the contact person.


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