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EXAMPLE: Sample Job Posting
BOX OFFICE MANAGER. Conduct, oversee subscription and ticket sales for events. Generate
and maintain reports, perform accounting activities related to box office revenue, oversee
operations. Requires customer service skills and accounting experience.
Cover Letter Example 1: Paragraph format (preferred)
As Box Office Assistant for the Light Opera Company I was responsible for customer service,
ticketing patrons, and generating and maintaining box office reports. In addition, I
maintained records and accounting reports for all box office transactions.
Cover Letter Example 2: List format
My Skills and Experience:
Box office management including ticketing, maintenance of records and ticket database
Maintain and generate reports
Box office accounting transaction and reporting
Customer service, seating, and ticketing patrons
As you can see, in both cases, the candidate has written a detailed cover letter that should
pass the first screening. In order to pass that screening, you must specifically address the
job ad and state why you are qualified for the position.
Given this competitive job market, it is critically important to target your cover letter and
your resume. That way the employer knows exactly why you are qualified for the position
and why they should consider you for an interview.
The Right Stuff - Or Not? What to do if you don't have the right stuff? It's a certainty that
the person with ten years of child care experience, and no computer experience, who
applied for an Oracle programmer position at a colleague's company won't get an interview.
I hate to sound pessimistic, but, if your qualifications don't come close to matching the
criteria for the job, I would save your time and the company's time and not apply. In most
cases, there are too many qualified candidates whose cover letter and resume will make the
Instead, focus on applying for jobs you do qualify for and spend some time gaining the
additional skills or education (volunteer, take a class, etc.) you need to prepare to apply for
positions that are a rung or two up the ladder.


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