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The following information and data can be required from the Principal:
In relation to the shipment:
Delivery terms (Incoterms 2010)
Container number
Mode of transport at the border and Inland mode of transport
Country of dispatch/export and Country of origin
Location of the goods
Binding Tariff Information or Binding Origin Information, where present
Description(s) of the goods and/or Commodity code
Packaging unit, packages
Marks and numbers
Gross weight and Net weight (for each Commodity code)
For the purpose of determining the customs value I (based on the transaction value)
Costs of delivery to the point of entry, taking into account transport, costs of loading and handling and related to
transport and insurance
Costs of delivery subsequent to arrival in the EU (point of entry)
Charges for construction, erection, assembly, maintenance or technical assistance, undertaken after importation
Other charges included in the price (interest, duplication fees, buyer’s commissions, storage costs incurred in the
EU and costs of safekeeping, quota costs and ‘sales’ tax)
Customs duties and taxes payable in the Community upon importation/sale in the EU, already included in the price
(such as DDP)
For the Purpose of determining the customs value II (based on the transaction value)
The following information, where applicable, must be disclosed to Customs Support, if:
there is no contract of sale relating to ‘goods sold for export to the customs territory of the EU’
several sales have taken place indicating that the goods are destined for the EU
the seller receives part of the proceeds from a subsequent sale
the seller and the buyer are in any way related (subsidiary, shareholdings, and so on)
invoice inspection has taken place (date and outcome)
there are discounts as to price, which are certain at the moment of importation
the following costs are for the account of the buyer, but are not included in the purchase price
- commissions (with the exception of buyer’s commissions)
- brokerage fee
- containers and packing
goods and services supplied by the buyer are free of charge or at reduced cost for use in connection with the pro
duction and sale of the imported goods
the buyer has to pay royalties and licensing fees, either directly or indirectly, as a condition of the sale
the sale is subject to an arrangement by which part of the proceeds of the subsequent resale, disposal or use of the
All services of the companies of the Customs Support group are provided subject to the general terms and conditions of Customs Support as well as the Dutch
Forwarding Conditions of the Fenex, deposited a.o. at the registry of the court of Rotterdam on 1 July 2004, latest edition, with exception of the sections 1 and
23. The conditions contain exclusions and limitations of liability and a choice of law and jurisdiction clause ( ).
Customs Support Holland BV
V 5.1


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