Da Form 61 Instructions - Application For Appointment


DA Form 61 (Application for Appointment) Instructions
General: ALL ENTRIES MUST BE TYPED. All questions must be completed without
any misstatement or omission of material fact. A sample of a completed form is
provided on the website.
1. Type of appointment for which application is submitted:
Check block marked “Commissioned Officer – Army Reserve”.
2. Enter: AR 135-100.
3. Must be completed by all applicants. Enter 1LT or CPT (if already a Captain).
4. Leave Blank.
5. Leave Blank.
6. Enter the #1 under the Preference and Specialty columns on either side of JA.
7. Enter Full Name: Last name, First name, Middle name (No Abbreviations).
8. Grade: Enter “CIV” if you are currently a civilian/not in the military. If you are currently
in the military, enter your current grade.
9a. Enter SSN without dashes. When you tab to the next item, the SSN will
automatically convert to include dashes. If you manually enter dashes, this will
cause an error.
9b. Selective Service Number should be annotated if applicable.
10. Current Branch – Complete if current service military. If not, leave blank.
11. Total active years. Number of years combining all active service.
12. Enter your status: Married, Single, Divorced, Widowed.
13. Enter the # of Dependents you have who are under age 18.
14. Date of Birth Format: DD MMM YYYY (Example: 11 JAN 1983)
15. Place of Birth (City, County, and State) Example: Lemmon, Hardin, SD
16. Sex Male or Female Sample M/F
17. Leave Blank (Current Military - enter address only if you are currently on active duty
orders, i.e. mobilization/deployment)


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