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Army Reserve
11 JUN 2004
8 APR 2012
Army Reserve
9 APR 2015
29. Mark One. (ONLY if you are a current service Officer)
30. List Awards. (ONLY if you are current or prior service)
31a-e. Mark YES or NO for ALL. If you marked YES for any, explain in letter e.
Example: I applied for the Regular Army JAG Corp in 2012, but was not selected.
32. Enter: YES or NO. If YES, enter dates, country, and type of service or
employment Example: Yes, 1 FEB 2002 - 31 JAN 2004 CHINA, English school
33. Mark YES or NO. If yes, state circumstances.
34. Enter the State in which you are a member of the Bar and the date you became a
member. (If you are not a member of a bar, leave this item blank. You will update it
later.) Example: Virginia - 12 NOV 2016; Alabama - 6 SEP 2012
35 - 39. (N/A) These do not apply to you. Leave Blank.
40a-c. Must be completed. Cannot be left blank. If you are currently unemployed, you
may enter unemployed in 40a. You must enter dates of unemployment. If you do not
currently have a job because you are a student, enter student. You must enter dates to
correspond with your period as a student.
41. Leave Blank.
42. Provide hand signature or Digital Signature using Common Access Card (CAC). All
other digital signatures are not accepted. Enter the date using the following format DD
MMM YYYY. Sample: 11 JUN 2017
Page 4: This page is not required. Do not submit this page with your DA Form 61.


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