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Volunteer Experience: Identify experiences that you have had in brief one day events to extended opportunities in
which you have supported communities and populations on a particular area of interest. Experiences can range from
volunteer efforts
with religious organizations, community outreach, events with your current employer, walkathons,
fundraising, collaborate volunteer efforts with clubs, etc.
Work Experience (or Professional Experience): While principals will be most interested in your teaching related
experience, you may want to include relevant accomplishments in other industries. Think about efforts you made to
train, manage, collaborate, develop programs, or speak to large audiences of people. The key is to focus on skills that
are transferable to a classroom setting. You will want to keep this section lean if you include it in order to focus on
teaching experiences for the rest of your teaching resume.
Manage benefit enrollment process for all new hires; communicate company benefits plans, and assess common
questions during orientation to improve presentation content.
Trained new employees in auditing and analytical processes.
Provided strategic direction during marketing communication plan development and in preparation for national
Designed a new Excel database for investments and reduced investment process time by 2.5 hours/day
Other Headers to Consider for Teaching Resume
There are many other headers and sections of your resume that you might consider adding based on your experience.
Always ask yourself what might round out your teaching experience and add an additional appeal to the reader as a
teaching candidate. Below are a few samples of additional headers to consider:
Honors and Activities: Include impressive honors, such as Dean’s List, Phi Delta Kappa, and
scholarships, as well as activities related to teaching.
Special Skills and Interests: Highlight skills that would be useful to a teacher in today’s world. These might include the
ability to speak a second language or proficiency in computer programs applicable to the classroom. It would also be
helpful to include ways you would like to be a part of after-school activities.
Professional Development: List education related conferences and workshops that you have attended.
Professional Memberships: Demonstrate your commitment to your field and dedication to continuing education by
listing any associations you belong to.
Study Abroad Experience: This can be an excellent section to include on your resume if you volunteer or participated
in outreach, teaching, cultural excursions that could support your content area. Think about your role and what you
contributed and gathered from study abroad.
Related Coursework: Especially if you are a secondary student, perhaps you have unique or advanced content courses
you have taken that you would like to share with a principal. Think about courses that would make you stand out and
appeal to a wide range of students.
Additional Experience: Include other achievements, training, or skills you possess that would be impressive to a


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