Lesson 16 Birth Control Methods Chart - Sfusd Health Education


Methods that Provide Protection from Pregnancy & Sexually Transmitted Infections: Effectiveness for All Methods Depends on Use
Work either by preventing sperm and egg from meeting or by creating a barrier between sperm and egg. Also limit sharing of body fluids for STI prevention.
 For pregnancy prevention partners
 Can decide not to have sex if you
 Can be difficult to maintain if partners
The only 100 % effective method
for preventing pregnancy and/or
agree not to have vaginal sex
feel you are not ready or when you
don’t talk about expectations regarding
 For STI prevention partners agree
STI infection, BUT ONLY if used
have no other method
sex before becoming sexually aroused
 May decide to have sex at the last
correctly and consistently.
• Free
not to have anal, vaginal and
sometimes oral sex
moment and not be protected
 Not an option if want to have sex
 Place on an erect (hard) penis,
 Protects from STIs
 Some people are allergic to latex but
85% - 98% effective
 Buy it in a drug store at any age
A close-fitting latex, polyisoprene,
leaving room at the tip for semen
there are many non-latex options
 Roll down length of penis
 Easy to use and carry
 May interrupt sex
or polyurethane covering that fits
 Use with water-based lubricants
 Can slip or break if not used correctly
over penis and catches semen.
 Can be made part of foreplay
 Use a new one for each act of
 User must be comfortable touching
Can be used during vaginal, oral
 Use only when needed
or anal sex for STI prevention.
 May help keep an erection
vaginal, anal or oral sex
 Inserted before intercourse
 Protects from STIs; may give extra
 More expensive than external condoms
79% to 95% effective
 Push inner ring against cervix for
A nitrile “sheath” or tube that is
protection from HPV and herpes
but free at many clinics
 Buy it in a drug store at any age
 User must be comfortable touching
put into the vagina or anus before
vaginal sex; can remove inner ring
 Can be put in before sex
sex. Creates a barrier between
for anal sex
vagina or anus
 Outer ring remains outside the
 Outer ring may rub clitoris, which
 Can slip during sex if not used correctly
sperm and egg. Limits sharing of
body fluids.
vagina or anus
some people find pleasurable
Long-Term, “Forgettable” Methods: Over 99% Effective, regardless of how used (1 in 100 users will become pregnant within 1 year)
 3 choices: Skyla, Mirena, or
 Health provider puts it in uterus.
 Hard to detect
 Mirena and Skyla may cause spotting
 Lasts several years:
 Few health concerns
between periods
 Mirena and Skyla contain
 Easy to use
 ParaGard may cause slightly heavier
Skyla lasts up to 3 years
 Forgettable, always in place
hormones that prevent ovulation
Mirena lasts up to 5 years
bleeding or cramping during periods
 Doesn’t interfere with sex
& create a “plug” in cervix
ParaGard lasts up to 10 years
(pain relievers can help)
 ParaGard has no hormones;
 User checks string monthly to make
 Rarely, may slip out of uterus or push
 Mirena and Skyla may cause light or
prevents a fertilized egg from
sure it’s in place
through wall
no periods; ParaGard allows user to
 Partner may feel string
have regular periods
 Tiny, flexible rod that slowly
 Health provider places one rod
 Hard to see or feel under skin
 Causes bleeding changes; may have
 Few health concerns
releases hormones
under skin on arm
spotting or have longer periods
 Stops ovaries from releasing an
 Lasts 3 years
 Minor incision required to insert and
 Forgettable, always in place
 Doesn’t interfere with sex
egg and creates a “plug” in
remove rod
 Insertion site may be bruised and sore
 May have lighter or no periods
cervix that blocks sperm from
meeting an egg
several days after insertion


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