Dealer'S Record Of Sale Of Firearm Worksheet - California


Bill Lockyer, Attorney General
California Department of Justice
Randy Rossi, Director
For further information contact:
Firearms Division
Discontinuation of the “Pre-Pawn” DROS Check
2004 FD-01
(916) 263-4887
and New DROS Form Country of Citizenship Field
The purpose of this information bulletin is to announce the discontinuation of the
“pre-pawn” Dealer Record of Sale (DROS) check and to advise of a new DROS form Country of
Citizenship field.
The Personal Firearms Eligibility Check Replaces the Pre-Pawn DROS Check
Since the inception of the permanent federal Brady Act provisions, commencing
November 1, 1998, the California Department of Justice (DOJ) has authorized dealers to
voluntarily conduct a “pre-pawn” Dealer Record of Sale (DROS) eligibility check in order to
ascertain whether an individual’s firearm eligibility status may detrimentally affect the return of any
pawned firearms.
However, effective January 1, 2004, DOJ introduced the Personal Firearms Eligibility Check
(PFEC) process pursuant to Penal Code section 12077.5 (Senate Bill 255, Chapter 298, Statutes
2003). Please refer to Firearms Division Information Bulletin 2003 FD-04 for more information on
the PFEC program. This information is available on the Firearms Division web site at:
The new PFEC supercedes and obsolesces the “pre-pawn” DROS eligibility check.
Therefore, effective immediately, the authorization to submit a no-firearm DROS for a firearms
eligibility “pre-check” is rescinded. Dealers may not submit a DROS form if no firearm is
being transferred.
Customers seeking to ascertain their personal firearms eligibility status should be provided
the PFEC application form which is available on the Firearms Division web site at
New DROS Form Country of Citizenship Field
Effective immediately, a Country of Citizenship field has been added to the DROS form in
both the purchaser and private party transfer (seller) sections.
Previously, whenever a purchaser or private party seller indicated he/she is a non-U.S.
citizen, the individual’s country of citizenship was entered onto the DROS form’s Place of Birth
field in lieu of the actual place of birth.
This DROS form upgrade accommodates both data requirements. Whenever a purchaser or
private party seller indicate he/she is a non-U.S. citizen, that individual’s country of citizenship is
now entered in the corresponding Country of Citizenship field. The automated DROS entry


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