Form Llc-4/7 - Certificate Of Cancellation


Instructions for Completing the Certificate of Cancellation (Form LLC-4/7)
Where to File: For easier completion, this form is available on the Secretary of State's website at
and can be viewed, filled in and printed from your computer. The completed form
along with the applicable fees can be mailed to Secretary of State, Document Filing Support Unit, P.O. Box 944228,
Sacramento, CA 94244-2280 or delivered in person (drop off) to the Sacramento office, 1500 11th Street, 3rd Floor,
Sacramento, CA 95814. If you are not completing this form online, please type or legibly print in black or blue ink. This
form is filed only in the Sacramento office.
It is recommended for proof of submittal that if Form LLC-4/7 is mailed to the Secretary of State, it be sent by Certified
Mail with Return Receipt Requested.
Legal Authority: Statutory filing provisions are found in California Corporations Code section
(domestic limited
liability companies) or
(registered foreign limited liability companies). All statutory references are to the California
Corporations Code, unless otherwise stated.
Domestic LLC: Form LLC-4/7 must be filed after or together with a
Certificate of Dissolution (Form LLC-3) pursuant to
17356(a). However, if all the members vote to dissolve, only Form LLC-4/7 is required.
Upon filing Form LLC-4/7, the LLC will be cancelled and the powers, rights and privileges will cease in California.
It is recommended that legal counsel be consulted prior to submitting cancellation documents to ensure that all issues
are appropriately addressed.
Fees: There is no fee for filing Form LLC-4/7. A $15.00 special handling fee is applicable for processing documents
delivered in person (drop off) to the Sacramento office. The special handling fee is in addition to the filing fee, should be
included in a separate check, and will be retained whether the document is filed or rejected. The preclearance and/or
expedited filing of a document within a guaranteed time frame can be requested for an additional fee in lieu of the special
handling fee. Please refer to the Secretary of State's website at
detailed information regarding preclearance and expedited filing services. The special handling fee or preclearance and
expedited filings services are not applicable to documents submitted by mail. Check(s) should be made payable to the
Secretary of State.
Copies: The Secretary of State will certify two copies of the filed document without charge, provided that the complete
copies with any attachments are submitted to the Secretary of State with the document to be filed. Any additional copies
submitted will be certified with payment of $8.00 per copy.
Complete Form LLC-4/7 as follows:
Item 1.
Enter the file number issued by the California Secretary of State.
Item 2.
Enter the name of the limited liability company exactly as it is of record with the California Secretary of State,
including the entity ending.
Item 3.
This statement should not be altered. For information regarding final tax returns, contact the Franchise Tax
Board at (800) 852-5711 (from within the U.S.) or (916) 845-6500 (from outside the U.S.) or visit their website
Item 4.
Domestic limited liability companies only - check the appropriate box. NOTE: If the dissolution was not made
by the vote of all the members, a
Certificate of Dissolution (Form LLC-3)
must be filed prior to or together with
Form LLC-4/7.
Item 5.
Enter any other information the managers or members filing Form LLC-4/7 determine to include. Attach
additional pages, if necessary. If no other information is to be included, leave Item 5 blank and proceed to
Item 6.
Item 6.
Form LLC-4/7 should be signed by an authorized person, i.e., manager.
If Form LLC-4/7 is signed by an attorney-in-fact, the signature should be followed by the words “Attorney-in-
fact for (name of person).”
If Form LLC-4/7 is signed by an entity, the person who signs on behalf of the entity should note their name
and position/title, the exact entity name and the entity’s relation to the canceling limited liability company.
Example: If a limited liability company (“Smith LLC”) is the manager of the canceling limited liability company,
the signature of the person signing on behalf of Smith LLC should be reflected as Joe Smith, Manager of
Smith LLC, Manager.
If Form LLC-4/7 is signed by a trust, the trustee should sign as follows: _________________, trustee
for _________________________________ trust (including the date of the trust, if applicable). Example:
Mary Todd, trustee of the Lincoln Family Trust (U/T/A 5-1-94).
Item 7.
Enter the name and the address of the person or firm to whom a copy of the filed document should be returned.


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