Form D - Educational Credential And Qualifications Assessment Document Request Form


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Form D – Educational Credential and Qualifications Assessment
Document Request Form
Applicant: Complete this section
Last Name(s)/ Surname(s):
First Name(s) / Given Name(s):
Middle Name(s):
Date of Birth:
Student ID Number:
I agree to allow my physiotherapy institution to give the information asked for in the Document Request Form to the Canadian Alli-
ance of Physiotherapy Regulators (CAPR) so that CAPR can complete my educational credential and qualifications assessment.
Signature of Student:
Instructions to School for Completing and Submitting the Document Request Form
The student named above has applied to the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (CAPR) for an educa-
tional credential and qualifications assessment. CAPR is the federation of provincial and territorial physiotherapy
regulators in Canada. We assess the educational credentials and qualifications of physiotherapists educated out-
side Canada on behalf of these regulators. We also administer the Physiotherapy Competency Examination (PCE).
To help us complete the student’s assessment, please provide the information asked for in the remainder of this
document. Your institution’s Registrar, Program Director, Dean or the Principal may complete the Document Re-
quest Form. You must send this information to CAPR office, not to the student. We will not accept this form if
the student completes it or sends it to us.
Documents to be sent directly to the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators:
1. This completed Form D: Document Request Form, including this page.
2. Official academic records (sometimes called transcripts or mark sheets or statement of marks) issued by univer-
sity. If your institution is a college affiliated with a university (e.g., India, Pakistan), we will accept the completed
Document Request Form and credit/clock hours from the college. The student’s official academic records must
come to us directly from the university (in the case of India) or from the Higher Education Commission (in the
case of Pakistan). We will not accept the student’s academic records from the applicant or the college.
Please ensure that the information sent includes the following:
Supervised clinical practice information, including the number of hours, the areas practiced and a detailed
description of supervised clinical practice; include the student’s Clinical Internship Certificate or Internship
Completion Certificate if applicable;
The number of classroom and laboratory and clinical credits or clock hours, grades or marks earned for each
completed course;
Final course grades;
The grading scale relevant to the student’s time of study (India and Pakistan: the University must send this
information to us and not the College).


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