Offer To Purchase Real Estate And Acceptance


3008 Monticello Blvd. #300
OFFICE 216-321-7040
EFAX 216-472-8114
(“BUYER”), having examined the following described property
(the “Property”) and being willing to accept same in its “AS IS" CONDITION except for normal wear and tear, does
hereby offer to buy the Property:
PROPERTY: situated in the
County of
State of Ohio and located at:
Permanent Parcel or Tax ID # _____________________________________________ The term Property includes the land, all appurtenant rights
and easements, all buildings and fixtures and the following items if now on the Property, all in their “AS IS” CONDITION: all electrical, heating,
plumbing and bathroom fixtures; ceiling fans: central and thru-wall air conditioning units; mailbox; all awnings, screens, storm sashes, curtain rods,
drapery hardware, landscaping, TV aerial, radiator covers, built-in appliances; all existing wall to wall carpeting, garage door openers and controls,
smoke and fire detectors; fireplace grates, screens and doors; and such of the following as are checked:
[ ] microwave; [ ] kitchen range and oven; [ ] kitchen refrigerator; [ ] dishwasher; [ ] window air conditioning units; [ ] all existing window treatments
except ___________________________________________________________ and [ ] water softener (Do not check if equipment is leased).
Additional items to be included:
C) EXCLUDED FIXTURES, IF ANY: ___________________________________________________________________
E) PURCHASE PRICE: BUYER agrees to pay SELLER the sum of ............................................................................
payable as follows:
1. Earnest money to be deposited in [ ] Title Company ; [ ] SARVER REALTY ; Trust Account after Acceptance, as
hereinafter defined, and credited against the purchase price: [ ] CHECK, [ ] NOTE .......................................................
2. Remainder of BUYERS down payment to be deposited in escrow in accordance with Section H: ....................
BUYER can and will meet the down payment requirement in cash, without regard to the sale and / or closing of any
real property.
3. Balance in form of [ ] a conventional mortgage loan; [ ] FHA; [ ] other
F) FINANCING: This transaction is conditioned upon BUYER obtaining a commitment for a first mortgage loan (the “Loan) from a lending institution in the
amount set forth in E(3) above, or in a lesser amount acceptable to BUYER. BUYER agrees to apply in writing for the Loan within five (5) days after the
date of Acceptance, to cooperate fully with the lender’s requests for information and to use good faith efforts to obtain the Loan. If BUYERS loan
application is neither approved nor denied within
days after the date of Acceptance, the BUYER may either request a written extension or
remove this contingency in writing. If BUYERS loan application is denied, or if SELLER refuses an extension and BUYER does not remove this
contingency, then this agreement (“AGREEMENT”) shall be null and void, neither BUYER, SELLER nor any REALTOR(S) involved in this transaction
shall have any further liability or obligation to each other, and both BUYER and SELLER agree to sign a mutual release, where upon [ ] Title Company;
[ ] SARVER REALTY; shall return the earnest money to BUYER. Buyer or buyer's lender shall order appraisal within 5 days of delivery of signed contract
and appraisal shall be completed within ten days and a copy of same shall be forwarded to seller or seller's agent. In the event seller or seller's agent has
not received the appraisal within 12 days, then seller may cancel this agreement.
LOAN OFFICER NAME:____________________________________________ LO PHONE:___________________________________________
LENDER COMPANY: ______________________________________________ LO EMAIL: ___________________________________________
G) PRORATIONS: Tenant security deposits. if any, shall be credited to BUYER through escrow. Rents, if any, taxes and assessments, and Homeowner’s
Association fees and assessments, if any, shall be prorated by the Escrow Agent as of the date of recording of the Deed. Taxes and assessments shall be
prorated based upon the latest available tax duplicate. The parties are advised to consult with the county auditor’s office regarding the status of the
Property taxes as the latest available tax duplicate may not reflect the accurate amount of taxes that will be owed. The parties agree to adjust directly any
changes in proration discovered when the tax duplicate for the calendar year of closing becomes available. SELLER warrants that SELLER has received
no written notice of pending assessments. The Escrow Agent shall withhold $
from SELLER to secure payment of final water and
sewer charges, if any, and the Escrow Agent is hereby instructed to either pay said charges or verily SELLER’S payment of said charges and remit any
balance to SELLER.
H) CLOSING: All documents and funds necessary to complete this transaction shall be placed in escrow with a title company of seller’s choice on or before
, and the Deed shall be recorded on or before _______
, except that if a defect in
Title appears, SELLER shall have thirty (30) days after notice to remove such defect and, if unable to do so, BUYER may either (1) accept Title subject to
such defect without any reduction in the purchase price or (2) terminate This AGREEMENT, in which case neither BUYER, SELLER nor any
REALTOR(S) shall have any further liability to each other, and both BUYER and SELLER agree to sign a mutual release, whereupon [ ] Title Company; [
] SARVER REALTY; shall return the earnest money to BUYER.
POSSESSION: SELLER shall deliver possession and occupancy to BUYER on or before 6:00 p.m., upon the date of recording of the Deed or
________________________________ whichever is later, the first _______________ days rent free and the balance at $______________ per day.
BUYER agrees to transfer utilities commencing on the date of possession.


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