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(For services wherein the total cost does not exceed $1000 plus documented expenses)
I, ____________________________________________________ agree to perform the following
services for Mississippi State University, for its _________________________________________
for the cost shown below. Payment will not be due until the services below are completed in full
to the satisfaction of the department named above.
Description of services: ____________________________________________________________
Cost: ______________
Contract begins on the date signed by both parties. Contract ends on: ______________________
Provider address: _________________________________________________________________
● This contract incorporates the MSU Mandatory Addendum as shown at
● This contract is not valid if the cost exceeds $1000 plus documented expenses.
● This contract is not valid if the provider is a current or prior MSU employee.
● This contract is not valid if the provider is a PERS retiree.
● If this contract is with an individual, the contract is not valid if the HRM 323 is not attached.
● This contract is not valid if a completed W-9 is not attached.
● The provider must complete and submit the Vendor Forms at
No other terms or conditions apply.
Signature of Provider
Don Buffum, CPPO, Director, Procurement and Contracts
This document must be completed and signed prior to services being performed. A copy of the
documents should be included with the invoice and Direct Pay Voucher when the department submits the
request for payment.
Procurement & Contracts ‐ April 2017


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