Pet Weight Tracking Chart


Pet Weight Tracking Chart
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Tracking your pet’s weight over time is a very important tool in
managing their health and ensuring that what you’re feeding them
is helping them maintain an appropriate weight.
Using this handy tracker, simply weight your pet on a regular basis (at least once per month), and record
the date and weight below. It also helps to have a “target weight” you’re working to maintain, which your
veterinarian can help you determine.
You should show this chart to your vet during check ups or any visits you have, as it provides important
information that they can incorporate into their recommendations and advice.
Comments/Notes (details on food being
To Go
fed, snacks, changes noticed, etc.)
Can’t get your pet to stand on the scale?
If your pet won’t stand still on the scale, here’s a trick to get their weight. First, step on the scale yourself
and record your weight. Then, pick your pet up and stand on the scale with them and record the
combined weight. Then, deduct the combined weight from yours, and that will leave your pet’s weight.
If you have any questions or need help determining
your pet’s ideal weight, give us a call and one of our
friendly vets can come to your home and help!
Call 1-888-995-8387, or visit


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