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OIPRD   B uck   P ark   S easonal   M aintenance   A greement   2 016   -­‐   2 017  
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Contractor’s   B id   F orm  
Please   c omplete   t he   b id   f orm   b ased   o n   t he   i nformation   i n   t he   2 016   -­‐   2 017  
Maintenance   C ontract   a nd   t he   o perator   w alk   t hrough.   S ubmit   y our   c ompleted   b id  
form   t o   O rcas   I sland   P ark   a nd   R ecreation   D istrict   n o   l ater   t han   3 :00   P M,    
February   1 0,   2 016.  
Contractor   r epresents   t hat   h e   o r   s he   i s   ( check   a ll   a pplicable):  
A   licensed   contractor,   licensed   under   Washington   State   law   and   possessing  
Contractors   L icense   N o.   _ ______________________________   f or   t he   S tate   o f   W ashington,  
                    a nd   s aid   l icense   e xpires   o n   _ ________________,   2 0____;     A ND/OR  
A   limited   liability   company   or   corporation,   licensed   under   the   State   of  
Washington;   O R  
A   s ole   p roprietor   i n   t he   S tate   o f   W ashington.  
Contractor   represents   that   he   or   she   is   fully   experienced,   properly   qualified,  
equipped,   organized   and   financed   to   perform   the   work   specified   herein.   Contractor  
shall   act   as   an   independent   contractor,   and   not   as   an   agent   of   OIPRD,   maintaining  
complete   c ontrol   o ver   i ts   e mployees.     C ontractor   s hall   p erform   t he   w ork   i n   a n   o rderly  
and   w orkmanlike   m anner.  
Contractor  maintains  a  current  certificate  of  insurance  confirming  coverage  and  will  
show  OIPRD  as  additionally  insured  on  such  insurance.    Minimum  amounts  and  units  
of   i nsurance   c overage   r equired   a re   a s   f ollows:  
Comprehensive   General   Liability   with   Broad   Form   Property   Damage,   Broad   Form  
Contractual,   Personal   Injury,   including   other   coverage   on   Broadening   Endorsement;  
Explosion,   Collapse,   and   Underground   (XCU)   Coverage;   Products   and   Completed  
Operations;   a nd   O wner's   a nd   C ontractor’s   P rotective.  
Bodily   I njury   a nd   P roperty   D amage   L iability:     $ 1,000,000.00   C ombined   S ingle   L imit    
Owned   Automobiles   and   Automobiles   under   long-­‐term   lease,   including   Hired  
Automobiles   a nd   N on-­‐Owned   A utomobiles.  
Bodily   I njury   a nd   P roperty   D amage   L iability:     $ 1,000,000.00   C ombined   S ingle   L imit.  
Contractor   agrees   to   perform   the   work   described   in   the   above   Specifications   and  
Descriptions   for   Unit   Price   Work   as   per   the   following   schedule   of   prices   and  
acknowledges  that  the  following  prices  are  correct  and  sufficient  for  the  work  to  be  
performed.     Payment   of   the   following   unit   prices   shall   be   full   compensation   for  
furnishing   all   labor,   tools,   equipment   and   materials   necessary   or   incidental   to  
performing   s aid   w ork.    


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