Street Lighting Warranty Agreement


City of Peoria, Arizona
Street Lighting Warranty Agreement
expressly agree to undertake the following responsibilities related to the installation of street
lighting for the project known as “______________________” (“Project”) generally described as
________________________________ and located in ______________________, Arizona.
A. For 365 calendar days after a streetlight is energized ("Warranty Term")
Development Team warrants that all street light units will be free from defects in materials
or workmanship as defined in the Construction Quality Standards (Section VI) and
Equipment Standards (Section V) set forth below.
II. Development Team Requirements and Obligations
A. If a covered defect occurs during the Warranty Term, outside the specifics of II B and
II C, the Development Team shall repair and replace the defective item at the Developers
sole cost and expense.
Any repair or replacement shall be completed within ten
business days following notification of the defect to Development Team.
B. New construction that has passed APS’ inspection will thereafter be maintained by
APS. Maintenance to replace eyes, lamps, starters, ballast's, heads, hand-hole covers or
j-boxes during the Warranty Term will be performed by APS and will be billed to the
Developer, by APS payable to APS, 30-days from invoice, for labor at $50.00 per worker
per hour, plus materials.
C. Any identified defects that, in APS’ judgment, pose a potential safety hazard to the
general public will be indicated and repairs shall be completed by Developer immediately.
The urgent contact, for the Developer will be (name)________________________and
can be contacted at (phone) ___-__________ and/or (phone or e-mail) ___-
____________. Developer will complete repairs within one working day and contact the
Project Inspector by fax 602-371-7473 and phone at 602-371-7262. A second inspection
will be performed following notification from Developer, at no charge, unless the potential
hazard has not been satisfactorily eliminated. If this condition exists, the Developer will
be charged an inspection fee of $150 and APS reserves the right to authorize and obtain
such repairs and to bill the Developer for all costs associated with the repair or
replacements to correct the defect. If APS determines that an immediate hazard exists
APS has the option of securing a guard (who will remain on site until the hazard is
eliminated and APS will invoice Developer for all costs associated with the guarding) and
notify Developer to eliminate the hazard or APS may perform the corrective actions to
eliminate the hazard and bill Developer.
D. Immediately upon Development Team resolution of the defect(s), Developer shall
complete the applicable portion of the Notice of Repair form and shall send copies of the
completed form to the following:
I:\Guide\Development Guide_0409\Appendices\Street_Lighting_Warranty_Agreement_APS.doc
Revised: 02/06/07, 04/01/09


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