Zoo Day Camp Policies And Release Form


Please read BOTH PAGES of this form and sign on reverse indicating you have read and agree to the
Hold Harmless Statement, Behavioral Policy, Photo Release, Medical Information and Accommodation
and, Emergency Treatment Authorization.
Your child cannot stay at zoo camp without this form.
Bring this with you on the first day of camp or class.
Hold Harmless Statement
I agree that my child’s participation in activities associated with Zoo camps or programs (the activities)
while on the Zoo or Wild Animal Park (“WAP”) premises is voluntary and at the sole risk of the
undersigned. In consideration for my child being permitted to access and utilize the Zoo and WAP
premises, facilities and equipment the undersigned agrees for themselves and their heirs and assigns to
release and discharge the Zoo and the City of San Diego from any claim, demand, injury, cost, or liability,
whether resulting from the negligence of the Zoo and/or the City of San Diego or otherwise arising out of
or resulting from or incident to my child’s participation in the activities or the use of the premises, or any of
its equipment or facilities in connection with the activities.
Behavior Policy:
The Zoo is committed to ensuring that all children who attend Zoo programs are provided an atmosphere
where they can learn together free of harassment or intimidation. Fun and safety are only possible when
there are behavior guidelines that all campers agree to follow. You and your child are advised to inform
any member of the Zoo staff of any conduct that is offensive or that is in contradiction to the Zoo’s
commitment to a harassment-free environment.
All participants are expected to show respect for teachers, fellow students, themselves, Zoo staff and
guests, and facilities. Disruptive or dangerous behaviors and physical aggression are not acceptable. Our
teachers are professionals and they will use sound, positive management tools within their classes. If any
student does not respond to these measures, the student will be escorted to the office for a time out. If the
problem behavior persists, we will communicate with the parents or guardians and the participant may be
removed from the program with no refund of program fees.
By participating in a Zoo program, you agree to the terms of the Behavior Policy.
Photo Release
During the course of our programs, we may take pictures of your child or your child’s crafts or artwork,
which could be used for publicity purposes. By signing below, you authorize the Zoological Society of San
Diego (ZSSD) and its official representatives to use, without obligation, photos or motion pictures of you,
your child(ren), and/or their work for any and all publicity, publications, and advertising purposes that the
ZSSD may designate.
Carpool and Safety Information
We encourage carpooling for your convenience and for the environment! If you carpool with friends,
please communicate clearly to your child who will be picking him/her up each day. If there are custody
questions or circumstances that we need to be aware of, please notify the office in writing indicating the
name(s) of the person(s) and relationship to the camper.
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