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Privacy Act Statement
AUTHORITY: The authority to request this information is contained in: 5 USC § 301 (Authorizing Forms and Regulations).
PRINCIPAL PURPOSE(S): To provide conditions for designation as an Advanced Standing College Program student in the Naval Reserve
Officers Training Corps (NROTC).
ROUTINE USE(S): Information you provide in this application is protected by the Privacy Act and will not be released outside the Department of
Defense without your permission unless it comes within an exception to the Act or one of the routine uses in 32 CFR § 701.112, accessible at
DISCLOSURE: Failure to acknowledge the following statement will disqualify the applicant from consideration for advanced standing the NROTC
College Program.
1. Having volunteered for training in the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) College Program, I hereby acknowledge:
a. I must be nominated for NROTC College Program Advance Standing by the Professor of Naval Science (PNS) and selected by the Naval
Service Training Command (NSTC) Advance Standing Selection Board.
b. If entering the program from civilian life:
(1) I will be required to enlist in the United States Naval or Marine Reserve for a period of eight years upon entering the advanced course of
instruction under the provisions of Section 2104, Title 10, U.S. Code. Failure to do so will result in my being disenrolled from the program.
(2) In the event I fail to satisfactorily complete the requirements for commissioned grade or request disenrollment from the advanced course
of instruction of the NROTC College Program, I may be ordered to active duty in an enlisted status by the Secretary of the Navy for a period not to
exceed two years.
c. If entering the program from an inactive enlisted status I will be discharged from my reserve enlistment and will be required to reenlist in the
Naval Reserve prior to starting the advanced course of instruction of the NROTC College Program.
d. I understand that I must complete all Naval Science requirements and such courses as are prescribed by the NROTC Regulations and the
NROTC Academic Program in addition to the requirements of my major.
e. I may obtain employment while in college, provided such employment does not interfere with my academic instruction, Naval Science drills,
and summer training.
f. Upon satisfactory completion of all requirements, I will accept appointment to commissioned grade as a Officer in the United States
Navy or the United States Marine Corps if such a commission is tendered to me, and upon acceptance, will be discharged from my enlisted status.
g. The Commander, NSTC may release me from my obligations under this agreement and separate me from the training program at any time
that in the opinion of the Commander, NSTC the best interests of the naval service require such action.
h. A commission as a Officer in the United States Navy or Marine Corps is held at the pleasure of the President;
i. Upon acceptance of a commission, I will be required to serve at least eight years as a Officer in the United States Navy or Marine
Corps from date of appointment to commissioned grade;
j. Any portion of this eight-year period not served on active duty will be served on inactive duty; and,
k. A resignation of my commission as a Officer submitted prior to completion of this eight-year period will normally be rejected, and
after this period may be accepted or rejected by the President as the needs of the service may then require.
l. Sections 671a and 671b of Title 10, United States Code, currently provides:
671a. Members: Service extension during war.
Unless terminated at an earlier date by the Secretary concerned, the period of active service of any member of the armed forces is extended
for the duration of any war in which the United States may be engaged and for six months thereafter.
671b. Members: Service extension when Congress is not in session.
(a) Not withstanding any other provision of law, when the President determines that the nation interest so requires, he may, if Congress is
not in session, having adjourned sine die, authorize the Secretary of Defense to extend for not more than six months, enlistments, appointments,
periods of active duty, periods of active duty for training, periods of obligated service, or other military status, in any component of the Armed
Forces of the United States, that expire before the thirtieth day after Congress next convenes or reconvenes.
(b) An extension under this section continues until the sixtieth day after Congress next convenes or reconvenes or until the expiration of the
period of extension specified by the Secretary of Defense, whichever occurs earlier, unless sooner terminated by law or executive order.
NSTC 1533/127 (09-11)


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