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To correct or change the name listed on a Pennsylvania Certificate of Title, use Form MV-41A,
“Application for Correction or Change of Name”. In addition, if the vehicle has been modified in any
manner, Form MV-426B must be used.
If the title is being held by a lienholder that participates in the Electronic Lien and
Titling Program (ELT) there will be no title attached.
ndividuals should list their PA Driver’s License (PA DL) or Photo ID# in the space provided. Businesses should list their Business
ID# (Bus. ID) where indicated (i.e. E.I.N.).
If this application is processed, and the requested title, registration, or both are not received due to loss in the mail, the vehicle
owner may apply for a free duplicate title on Form MV-38O, and free replacement of registration on Form MV-44 within 90 days of
the date of original issuance. The lienholder, if applicable, must use Form MV-38L and a Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Dealer must
use Form MV-38D.
Fee for issuance of a corrected title: $22.50. Do not send cash. Make check or money order payable to the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania and mail the completed application to PA Department of Transportation, Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Harrisburg, PA
IF BLOCK #1 IS CHECKED ON REVERSE - Certificate of title and $22.50 title fee must be attached. NOTE: Certificate of title
and fee is not required when used for verification of VIN only.
This application can only be used to correct typographical error of one digit, transposition of two digits, or if the vehicle’s engine
number has been erroneously recorded as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
Verification of the VIN can be done by authorized vehicle safety inspection mechanics and notaries public employed by a full agent
or motor vehicle dealer.
IF BLOCK #2 IS CHECKED ON REVERSE - Certificate of title and $22.50 title fee must be attached.
Original Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) will be used on state replacement VIN Plate unless original number cannot be
determined. A corrected title and registration card will be issued indicating that a VIN plate has been replaced.
Section C on the front of this application must be completed by a police officer. The police officer verifying the original Vehicle
Identification Number must sign his/her name and list the badge number, department name, and telephone number.
Current certificate of title is not required when applying for a correction of the registered gross weight and there have been no
alterations to the vehicle. Certificate of title and $22.50 title fee MUST be attached for all other corrections.
In addition to the title fee (if applicable), appropriate increase fee for the difference in registration weight and seating capacity must
also be attached if registration is desired.
Current certificate of title must be attached when applying for a correction of the odometer reading. Notarized statements from the
previous owner and the applicant listed in Section A on this application are required. In addition, copies of past 2 years inspection
records or repair bills that cover the time of the odometer discrepancy must be attached. In many instances, the inspection records
or repair bills include the vehicle odometer reading at the time of vehicle safety inspection or repair which will help substantiate the
actual mileage being requested.
Verification of gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) and gross combination weight rating (GCWR) must be completed by authorized
inspection mechanics only in the spaces provided in Section E.
01 - Adams
13 - Carbon
24 - Elk
35 - Lackawanna
46 - Montgomery
57 - Sullivan
02 - Allegheny
14 - Centre
25 - Erie
36 - Lancaster
47 - Montour
58 - Susquehanna
03 - Armstrong
15 - Chester
26 - Fayette
37 - Lawrence
48 - Northampton
59 - Tioga
04 - Beaver
16 - Clarion
27 - Forest
38 - Lebanon
49 - Northumberland
60 - Union
05 - Bedford
17 - Clearfield
28 - Franklin
39 - Lehigh
50 - Perry
61 - Venango
06 - Berks
18 - Clinton
29 - Fulton
40 - Luzerne
51 - Philadelphia
62 - Warren
07 - Blair
19 - Columbia
30 - Greene
41 - Lycoming
52 - Pike
63 - Washington
08 - Bradford
20 - Crawford
31 - Huntingdon
42 - McKean
53 - Potter
64 - Wayne
09 - Bucks
21 - Cumberland
32 - Indiana
43 - Mercer
54 - Schuylkill
65 - Westmoreland
10 - Butler
22 - Dauphin
33 - Jefferson
44 - Mifflin
55 - Snyder
66 - Wyoming
11 - Cambria
23 - Delaware
34 - Juniata
45 - Monroe
56 - Somerset
67 - York
12 - Cameron
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