I-751 - Joint Petition To Remove Conditions Of Status (Cover Letter Example)


[Name of Service Center]
[Address of Service Center]
(K-1 VISA) Name of Immigrant K-1 spouse, (A#)
(K-2 VISA) Name of K-2 child, (A#)
Dear USCIS examiner:
Please find enclosed my JOINT I-751 petition for removal of conditions of permanent resident status
regarding my spouse, (name of your spouse), and his/her child/children, (name or names of
child/children). Please also find a check for $[amount of fee], the fee for this form. My spouse entered the
US on a K-1 visa and his/her child/children followed on a K-2 visa. We are all happily living together and
request that this petition be accepted for the removal of conditions on the residence of my immigrant
family members.
Also, please find enclosed the following documents to verify the status of our marriage and ongoing
Copies of the passports and green cards of (spouse) and (k-2 child).
Three sworn affidavits by U.S. citizens, attesting to our marriage and continuing relationship.
Copy of the tax statement for 2013 and 2014, which we received for our checking account at
MoniBank Financial.
A partial copy of our 2014 joint US tax return.
Original of a recent statement from our broker at StockTech Stockbrokers.
Letter from my employer of the designation of my life insurance to (name of spouse).
Copies of my various car insurance notices.
Copies of the title of our car, showing our joint ownership.
Copies of our visa cards verifying a joint account.
Copies of our health insurance cards verifying a joint policy.
Copies of our Sam's Club cards on a joint account.
A copy of our airline reservations for a vacation that we have planned for September of 2015.
Please feel free to inquire at any of the sources of enclosed documentation to verify their statements, and
feel welcome to visit our home should you ever feel the need to do so. Please advise me if you have any
further questions or concerns related to our petition.


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