Liahl Player Movement Rules And Regulations


N. Player And Coach Movement and Regulations
Releases shall be granted to any individual on any level AAA, AA, A that has submitted a formal
letter of Request of Release to the President or Governor of the organization he or she wishes to leave,
within the time specified, provided that player has met his/her financial obligations. This timeframe shall
commence at the conclusion of the NYSAHA Pee Wee Tournament for Mite, Squirt, and Pee Wee
age levels. This timeframe will commence at the conclusion of the National tournaments for
Bantam, 16U, and 18U age levels.
An approved release allows the individual to tryout out for only one team at a time during its
tryout period. The release form shall be kept by the organization and not returned unless that player cut
from the team.
No player shall be allowed on ANY tryout ice unless he or she has the original copy of the
release given to him or her by their former organization.
Players with a valid release form shall be allowed to try out for ONLY ONE organization at a
time. An acknowledgement form must be completed and signed by the player and parent/guardian
requesting the release attesting that they are aware of and have read all rules contained in Section
“N” herein. If a player is found to be trying out for more than one team at the same time, the
players/parents will be required to attend a hearing before the LIAHL Disciplinary Committee. The
acknowledgement form can be found in the GLOSSARY.
The purpose of the player movement rule is not to stop the free transfer of players between
members by personal choice of players and/or parents. However, it is intended to prohibit raiding by one
member of another’s personnel and the enticing of individual payers or group of players for the express
purpose of depleting the other member(s) of personnel and the formation of a super team.
No member of the LIAHL shall accept a player into their program who was rostered by another
member of the LIAHL in the previous season without the express permission of the member and former
team. Recreation League players and players moving up to Junior are specifically excluded.
Any player, parent or coach who attempts to circumvent the player movement rules,
including recruitment violations(s) as defined herein will automatically be suspended for the
remainder of the season or for any period of time as determined by the LIAHL disciplinary panel.
After a player/parent and association signs the NYSAHA Player Association
Commitment Form, said player will not be permitted to move to another association until the
conclusion of the season as defined herein, absent extenuating circumstances. This rule applies
to pre-season brush-ups and clinics. Any player wishing to attend a pre-season brush-up/clinic
for an association other than the one he/she was last registered with must present a fully


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