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Iowa law does not require a waiver. However, without a waiver any arrest over 18 months
old, without a disposition, cannot be given to a non-law enforcement agency. Attached
waivers are not accepted.
Deferred judgments where DCI has received notice of successful completion of probation
also cannot be given out to non-law enforcement agencies without a signed waiver.
General Information:
The information requested is based on name and exact date of birth only.
fingerprints, a positive identification cannot be assured. If a person disputes the accuracy of
information maintained by the Department, they may challenge the information by writing to
the address on the front of this form or personally appearing at DCI headquarters during
normal working hours.
The records maintained by the Iowa Department of Public Safety are based upon reports
from other criminal justice agencies and therefore, the Department cannot guarantee the
completeness of the information provided.
The criminal history check is of the Iowa Central Repository only. No other state or federal
agency records can be searched under current law.
In Iowa, a deferred judgment is not considered a conviction once the defendant has been
discharged after successfully completing probation. However, it should be noted that a
deferred judgment may still be considered as an offense when considering charges for certain
specified multiple offense crimes, i.e., second offense OWI. If a disposition reflects that a
deferred judgment was given, you may want to inquire of the individual his or her current
A deferred sentence is a conviction. The judge simply withholds implementing a sentence
for a certain probationary period. If probation is successful, the sentence is not carried out.
Any questions in reference to Iowa criminal history records can be answered by writing to
the address on the front of this form or calling (515) 725-6066 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30
p.m., Monday - Friday.
If the “No CCH record found” box is checked, it could also mean that information in the file
is not releasable per Iowa law without a waiver.
(1) Send in a separate form for each surname, (2) $13 for each surname,
$15 fax or $5 volunteer, (3) Attach a billing form with request(s), and (4) Submit a self-
addressed envelope. Iowa law requires employers to pay the fee for potential employees’
record checks.
595-1489 (Rev. 4/07)


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