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To participate in the physical fitness test, the attached PHYSICIAN AUTHORIZATION FORM must
completed and signed by your physician, and dated within one year of the test. Only those applicants who
have been released by a certified medical physician to participate without risk to them will be permitted
to perform. The purpose of the physical fitness assessment is to evaluate an individual's physical
fitness. Each applicant's performance will be evaluated according to national fitness standards.
Applicants will be evaluated on the following:
Applicant is timed for 1.5 mile run on a running track or flat, measured
surface. Applicants
who display physical difficulties through the duration of the timed run will be removed from the
Push-ups (
As many push-ups as possible in one minute)
Males -- Hands placed shoulder width apart, elbows fully extended and back straight at all
times. The applicant must reach full extension to complete one repetition. Pausing in the up
position is permitted.
Females -- Will use the modified version with knees on the ground and feet in the air. Again,
back must be kept in a straight line; arms fully extended and hands placed shoulder-width
apart, slightly ahead of the shoulders. Applicant must come to full extension to complete one
repetition. Pausing in the up position is permitted.
(As many sit-ups as possible in one minute)
The applicant will begin by lying on his/her back with heels flat on the floor. He/she will bend
knees and rise to a sit-up position with his/her arms crossed on his/her chest. A partner may
secure the applicant’s feet. A sit-up will be executed by raising the upper body until it is
perpendicular to the floor, and lowering the upper back down until the small of the applicant’s
back touches the floor. The applicant will do many sit-ups as he/she can in one minute.


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