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Active Learning Process
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Activity Planner
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Activity Name: Asian paper
Energy Level: medium
□ Music / Drama
□ Cooking
X Arts/Crafts
□ Getting to Know You
□ Science / Math
□ Teambuilding □Thrive □ Gym □ SEL □ Introducing Topic □ Reinforcing Topic □ Technology
Learning Objective (main thing you want youth to have an opportunity to do / to practice): To learn about different cultures and find similarities within themselves and
be able to relate. Have fun creating an Asian paper lantern.
Kid-Friendly Way to Introduce “Learning Objective” to Youth (1—3 sentences): We live in a very big world that is made up of thousands of different types of people,
cultures, languages, and so much more. We can explore other countries and learn about people living all over the world.
Kid-Friendly Way to Introduce Activity to Youth (bring the excitement here--this is what you would say to help youth pick between multiple activity options): We are
going to make an Asian paper lantern. For big festivals like the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival (usually August or September) and the Lunar New Year
(January or February), kids in some Asian countries have a procession of paper lanterns.
Environment Set Up
Kid-Friendly Version of Directions
• Pick two colors on construction paper, one for the inside of your lantern, and one
for the outside.
• Fold the outside piece in half, hamburger style.
• Keep the paper folded and use a ruler to draw lines from the folded edge up to 1
inch from the other end. Do not make the lines too close to each other.
• Open the paper up, and draw/color on the side without the lines.
• When you are done coloring, fold the paper and cut along the lines. Do not cut all
the way, stop 1 inch before the edge of the paper.
Anticipate Potential Challenges
• Open up the paper, and lay it perpendicular on your other color paper, that means
Most kids will need help cutting and taping or stapling the lanterns. If
the opposite direction so that there will be extra paper hanging.
time is an issue, you can pre-draw and cut out some construction
• Line them up and cut the extra paper hanging from the new color paper.
paper them to just assemble the lanterns.
• Tape or staple them together along the edges.
• Roll up the two papers to form a tube and tape or staple both ends. The
strips should pop out and you can fluff them out.
Poke 2 holes on the top of the lantern so you can tie some string to it and hang it.


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