Self And Peer Assessment Form


Self and Peer Assessment Form
Below are seven categories that we would like you to use to assess your peers and yourself. For each
item, rate each person and yourself using the 4-point scale given. Please think hard and honestly about
each of the categories and how you and each group member performed. Beside each rating item, we
have included a space for comments. Please include examples or explanations that will help us
understand your ratings, and your individual or peers strengths and contributions. Please do your
assessments independently – do not share or discuss your scoring or come to a decision based on a
group opinion. We want a rating from each of you, based on your perceptions and experiences.
Please submit one form for each person, including yourself, with your name and the assessed person’s
name on each form.
3 – Better than most of the group in this respect
For each category, award yourself and each
2 – About average for the group in this respect
member of your team a score using this scale.
1 – Not as good as most of the group in this respect
0 – No help at all to the group in this respect


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