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Moore, B. L. (1999). Adult student learners. Retrieved from
This website contains a survey of adult learners’ perceptions of their educational
experience at Penn State. The study contains a large survey sample and generally
confirms the findings of other studies at major universities. The important information
gleaned is that the emphasis on adult learner programs at traditional universities is a
much higher priority due to the increasing population of adult students.
Sheldon, K. M., & Houser, M. L. (2001). General motivation for college measure. Journal of
Personality and Social Psychology, 80, 152–165. Retrieved from the OVID database.
This source is a psychosocial instrument designed to measure adult students’ general
motivation for attending college. This instrument is appropriate to my research topic
because it profiles adult students and rates motivation in terms of both intrinsic and
extrinsic factors. It supports the findings in my other sources and adds another
component: the pursuit of happiness.


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