Camp Killoqua Summer Camp Packing List


Suggested Summer Camp Packing List
This list is provided as a simple guideline to plan what you will need for your week in camp. Your
Scoutmaster may have some other suggestions which do not appear on this list.
We recommend packing your items in either a foot locker or suitcase that can be locked. Backpacks may be
needed for outpost overnighter or Venturing program.
Clothing and personal property should be permanently marked with your name and troop. There is a lost-
and-found box in the office in case you lose anything. Medications should be clearly marked with patient’s
name, medication name, dosage.
Official BSA Uniform:
Camping Gear:
Short Sleeved Shirt (khaki)
Footlocker / Suitcase / Backpack
Shorts/Pants (green)
Flashlight (w/extra batteries & bulb)
Canteen or Water Bottle
Scout Socks (more than 1 Pair)
Mess Kit (for outpost camping)
Troop Neckerchief (optional)
Dirty Laundry Bag
Neckerchief Slide
OA Sash
(Camp Supplies a Cot)
Sleeping Pad
Socks (6 pairs)
Sleeping bag or blankets
Tee Shirts (6) (non-offensive)
Pillow and Pillow case
Underwear (6)
Flat twin sheets for warm nights
Pair of Long Pants (1)
Pair of Shorts (4)
Other Items:
Insect Repellant
Sunscreen / Sunglasses
Hiking shoes/boots- (broken in)
Medications - Clearly labeled
Extra Pair of Shoes or Moccasins
Folding Chair (Small)
(No Open-Toe Sandals or Shoes)
Board/Card Games
Boy Scout Handbook /M.B. Pamphlets
Bathing Suit and Beach Towel
Bible or Prayer Book
Handkerchiefs / Bandanas
Musical Instrument (If you play one)
Pocket knife –if permitted by S.M.
Soap in a carrier (or plastic bag)
Notebook and pencils for assignments
Towels and washcloths (2-3)
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Camera and Film (Disposable is good)
Comb or Brush
Merit Badge supplies or items listed
Deodorant (if needed)
as pre-requisites in the Merit Badge
Shaving Cream / Razor
Spending Money (r
ecommended $35-$40)
(if the camper shaves)
o Merit Badge Supplies
o Extra Programs-
(Trail Rides are $20)
o Trading Post Souvenirs & Snacks
Please leave these things at home:
Electronic Devices – Cell Phones, Beepers, Radios, Game Systems, etc….
Axes, Saws, Sheath Knives, Fireworks, Weapons of any kind
Pets, Pesky Little Brothers & Sisters
Additional Items Suggested by Scoutmaster:


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