Backpacking / Camping Packing List


Backpacking / Camping Packing List
Campsite, etc.
 backpack (make sure it fits – not too large)
This is a basic packing list that is suitable for
 sleeping bag (not a slumber party bag –
spring, summer and fall hiking or camping.
too heavy, too absorbent, too cold)
Winter camping requires different equipment.
 sleeping pad (lightweight foam is best)
 matches in Ziploc or a lighter
The troop owns a limited amount of gear,
 1 or 2 fire starters
including packs, sleeping bags, mats, etc.
 20 feet small diameter nylon rope
 headlamp or flashlight w/ batteries
 1 set of extra batteries
 personal 1
Aid kit (p. 289 in Scout book)
Cooking / Eating
 compass (Silva type. NOT the kind found
 3 cup Tupperware container w/ lid
 plastic spoon
on the end of key chain or a military
compass. See pages 63 & 73 in Scout
 small plastic mug
book for an example of the proper type)
 large gallon Ziploc bag for garbage
 small plastic spade (for bathroom use)
 2 water bottles (total of 2 pints of water)
(usually orange, sold at outdoors stores)
 sack lunch or dinner if required
 snacks
 pocket knife
 your share of group food or money to pay
 large heavyweight garbage bag (must fit
over backpack for waterproofing. A leaf
bag, not a lightweight kitchen garbage
Clothes to wear
 hiking boots
 scout book in freezer Ziploc (very
 long pants
 underwear
 notebook and pen in freezer Ziploc
 belt
 whistle
 jacket or coat
 tee shirt
Bring if available
 backpacking tent (NOT a large, heavy
Clothes to pack
tent. It will be shared with 1 or more. We
 long pants (extra)
will pair up scouts before we go.)
 tennis shoes
 small ground tarp for under tent (but only if
 2 pair socks
the tent does not have a built-in tarp for the
 rain jacket and rain pants or poncho
 tee shirt
 long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt for layering
 long underwear bottoms
Leave room for (added before we leave)
 underwear
 assigned group gear (stove, fuel, pot, etc.)
 stocking cap
 your share of group food
 gloves
 your share of a tent
 watch
 travel size hand sanitizer
 folded sheets of paper towel in Ziploc
(holds up much better than toilet paper)
 washcloth
 toothbrush and travel size paste
 necessary medication / prescriptions
(advise adult leader)


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