Thesis Statement Choices


Thesis Statement Choices
1. Take a position on the issue of The Right to Die as it relates to individual rights and the common
good. Should physicians be required by law to help terminally ill patients who have a strong desire
to end their lives? Is physician assisted suicide ethical? How is terminally ill defined?
Thesis: I believe that The Right To Die is/is not ethical because ____________, _________,
 Everyone is guaranteed civil rights under the 14
 Competent people should have the right to choose death
 Physician assisted suicide is a compassionate response to unbearable suffering
 Many people feel taking of a life is morally wrong
 Burdened family members may abuse the right to death by encouraging the option over life
 Physicians pledge to not harm patients (Hippocratic Oath)
 Physicians may make mistakes in terminal diagnoses
 Many laws include safeguards such as waiting periods, family notification, and in put from
multiple physicians
2. This thesis statement takes the position that the Indian Removal Act violated numerous principles of
the Constitution. For a call to action think about how the Indian Removal Act relates to current
events such as private property rights. How? Why?.....
Thesis: The Indian Removal Act of 1830 violated the United States Constitution
because___________, ____________________, ___________________.
Indians were forcibly removed from their lands (John Ross & Principles of the Constitution # 7
- Individual Rights and Amendment s 4, 5& 9)
Andrew Jackson did not uphold the Supreme Court’s decision (federal government versus
state government) (Federalism, Article 3, Sections 1&2)
Individual economic interests ( great farm land, and found gold on land) versus Indian rights
(Article 3, Sections 1&2, Amendment 5)
3. Which aspect of the first amendment to the Constitution is important to you and your community?
Include one aspect of the first amendment and use research to state how it relates to one
democratic ideal and one constitutional principle. (Freedoms of speech, press, and religion)
Thesis: I believe that the freedoms of speech, press, and religion are the most important rights of
Americans because _____________ ,____________, _____________________.
4. Take a position on the issue of the death penalty as it relates to one democratic ideal and one
constitutional principle. Is the death penalty cruel and unusual punishment? Should the death
penalty be legal in the United States?
Thesis: I believe that the death penalty is/is not appropriate punishment in the United States
because _______________, _____________________, __________________.


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