Energy Webquest


This webquest is designed to help you gain a better understanding of energy. You need to complete
the series of activities outlined below and answer any questions in your science journal (full
sentence answers). Have fun!
Go to the website or if this fails to load go to and
type in the words “energy kids”. Select the first option from the list that has been generated for
you. You know you’re on the right site when it looks like the homepage image below:
Click on the book icon “What is energy?”
From there click on the ABC blocks “energy basics”
Q1. Energy is the ability to do what?
Q2. Write down 7 forms of energy: _______________________
Q3. Give four examples of renewable energy: _______________________________________
Q4. Why are non-renewable energy sources also called “fossil fuels”? _____________________
From the menu on the left hand side of the page select “Forms of energy”
Q5. Energy forms are either ____________________ or ____________________________.
Q6. What is potential energy? __________________________________________________


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