Standards For Scoring The Class C Driving Test


Test will be scored as follows on the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles (DL-
402DE), score sheet. The number of points assessed for each fault committed will be
combined for a total point score. The accumulation of 31 points or more is considered a
The categories listed by their identifying number on the form are clarified as follows:
1. Unable to start engine (31 Points)
a. Unable to start due to lack of knowledge
b. Fails to start engine with standard transmission in neutral
2. Striking/Jumping Curb, Markers (31 Points)
a. Drives one or more wheels over the curb or onto the sidewalk
b. Makes contact with curb sidewalk or marker
3. Instructor Intervention (31 Points)
a. Any situation in which the instructor must intercede, verbally or physically, in
order to prevent an accident or an unsafe maneuver.
4. Serious Traffic Offenses (31 Points)
a. Passed Stop Sign
1. Fails to stop
2. Makes first stop in intersection
3. Fails to make second stop if necessary
4. Makes stop in crosswalk at an intersection
b. Passed Red Light
1. Drives through an amber light when the applicant had an opportunity to
stop safely
2. Proceeds through intersection shortly before light turns green
3. Crowds into intersection as light turns red
c. Failed to Yield Right-of-Way
1. Forces pedestrian to hurry
2. Does not yield right-of-way on left turn
3. Fails to give right-of-way to emergency vehicles
4. Interferes with traffic having right-of-way
d. Drove in Opposite Lane Continuously
1. Crosses center line and remains in opposite lane for extended period of
e. Improper Pass
1. Has insufficient clearance to pass
2. Passes within or too close to intersection
3. Returns to lane too quickly after passing, causing overtaken vehicle to
slow down
4. Passes on right where illegal
5. Passes in a NO Passing Zone
f. Restriction Violation
1. Violates restriction on Learner’s Permit or License
g. Speeding
1. Drives over speed limit
h. Fails to wear seat/shoulder belt


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